Turnkey Solutions
for Cryptocurrency
and CFD Brokers.

Fox Group is a leading provider of technologies
and solutions CFD brokers. Regardless of stage and
scale, we help our clients realise improved
performance and increased returns on capital.

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360-Degree Brokerage Solutions

Fox Group helps its clients focus on their core competency – sales – by handling
all of their technology, traffic and banking challenges in a cost-effective
and scalable way.

Backoffice Systems

Fox Group’s advanced CRM system gives you full control over your end-users’ interactions with your call centre representatives and your trading interface.

Trading Platform

Fox Group’s intuitive, scalable platform delivers your end-users with a simple, effective and engaging trading experience. It provides everything your end-users will need to trade forex, CFDs and cryptocurrencies actively.

Exchange & Wallets

Fox Group connects you to a suite of streamlined tools for B2B and B2C payments, enable you to minimise your banking challenges and dramatically reduce your transaction fees.

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